Better Breakfasts with Fox Pest Control

Disclosure: I have received free services from Fox Pest Control in exchange for writing and sharing this post, but this is my genuine opinion. I have used Fox Pest Control for my pest control service since 2018 and will only receive free services for 2021. 

Picture this. Izzy and I are in the bustle of our busy Monday morning routine. We have both gotten up (at different times of course – #momlife) and dressed for the day ahead. Now, it’s breakfast time. Pancakes, perfect.

I just finished cooking them and grab the syrup out the pantry only to discover….

OHHH NO! There are tiny little sugar ants who have decided to make our delicious syrup their next meal to bring back to the colony.  Absolutely terrible, right? What a freakinnnn’  Monday.

This is a true story (Yes, I know totally gross). In that moment, I knew I needed to call my trusted pest control service, Fox Pest Control, for my quarterly service.

We have trusted locally-owned Fox Pest Control for delivering pest control treatment to our home since we moved in 2018. Honestly, I am so happy with our service. Since they use family and pet safe, environmentally-friendly treatments, I never need to leave the home during service (has been a BIG win) so we can enjoy our slow Saturday mornings. 

From the phone operators to the control technicians, the Fox Pest Control team members are always so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I like that they always ask about any specific creepy critters that are plaguing the house and make sure to target the areas those bugs may be hiding in.

Thanks to Fox Pest Control, not only are we able to enjoy our breakfast, but we are able to enjoy our home more without fear of pesky intruders. For peace of mind and better Monday mornings, call your local Fox Pest Control branch. They even do FREE inspections and consultations.

For my Northshore Louisiana friends, if you call and mention my name “SARAH” when you schedule you will receive $50 off your Home Protection Plan. The Fox Pest Control contact number is (985) 275-9190.

Image | Kristen Taylor Photography

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