Louisiana Bloggers Reminding Us “We’re almost there” in the Fight Against COVID-19

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to collaborate with other amazing, local Louisiana bloggers to remind everyone that during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all in this together and almost there.

Eight other bloggers and I created a collage of pictures of each blogger holding a word of the phrase, “Wash your hands. Flatten the curve. We’re almost there.”

Image @sarahfordmozingo

We each shared this collage post on our Instagram feeds to encourage our followers to keep up social distancing and practice good hygiene. In our captions, we took the time to thank our healthcare workers, scientists, researchers, first responders, and all other essential workers for their hard work during this trying time.

Our message was simple, but I definitely felt the power of shared purpose and community by participating.

We each played a small part in this creative effort by designing our sign and taking a unique photo, but without the other people involved doing their part, our efforts would have been in vain.

Imagine how silly it would have looked if I had just posted my individual photo?

An Instagram post with my one word, “We’re,” would have just been weird and confusing, and you probably would have clicked that unfollow button real quick.

Unfollow gif 7 » GIF Images Download

I’d like to expand more on this idea of how individual actions when done by large groups create significant change by pointing out the size of these blogger’s social media followings. Some of these influencers’ accounts reach over 24,000 people; however some of us, myself included, reach a smaller community of around 2,000.

As individual accounts, we only had the opportunity to reach our followers, but when we joined together, our message had the potential to be shown to over 68,000 people.

And that’s amazing!

I hope our Louisiana blogger collage serves as a reminder that your efforts, such as staying at home and practicing social distancing, even if they seem insignificant or small, are a part of a greater effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Below is the list of blogger’s Instagram handles that participated in this collaboration (read left to right):

Top row – @paigedenicolablog, @campsweat, @iambougieonabudget

Middle row – @jademrider, @gabbylazoore, @love_laugh_explore

Bottom row – @sarahfordmozingo, @sweet_on_you, @vschlumhealth

Thanks for reading! Now, go wash your hands!

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