Summer Vacay Roundup

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Summertime is a time of adventure and of travel – with also a few headaches and sunburns. As kids go back to school and clothing stores starting putting out their fall wardrobe line, the summer quickly begins to fade as the fall semester sets in.

Don’t you just love Christian’s T-shirts from Pirouge & Co. I am also wearing a yellow one in a few pictures down! I love the design of these T-shirts and the owners actually Louisiana natives!

But if you live in the South like me, you still have your air conditioner cranked down to 70 degrees until late October. I’m sharing all about our short-lived summer vacations and reminiscing about the days of sunshine, snowballs, and sun-kissed skin.

MomESCAPE weekend to Colorado

As mamas, we give, give, and give. We often push our own personal needs to the side in the wake of dirty diapers, chaperoning field trips, and endless (or what seems like it) car rides to soccer practices. This past summer, I actually took a little 2-day trip to visit my sister in Thornton, Colorado for a much needed mama break.

My husband was away at military training, and between the kids and work, I was absolutely exhausted during this time. This weekend trip was just what I needed to recharge and feel rejuvenated after a month of very little self-care.

My sister, Hannah, had actually moved up to Colorado a few months prior after accepting her first travel nurse position, so of course, I had to go visit her and her precious little pups, Bam Bam and Luna. I flew out on Thursday afternoon from Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans, LA and arrived with a small delay on Thursday evening in Denver, CO.

My sister and I sitting outside the Teahouse; this garden is so gorgeous!

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

Hannah and I started our trip by visiting a super cute teahouse in Boulder called the Boulder Dunshanbe Teahouse that same evening. This special teahouse was was gifted by Mayor Maksud Ikramov and Dunshanbe to celebrate the sister ties between the two cities.

The Teahouse reflects the artists of 2,000 years and offers visitors a beautiful and intricate aesthetic as they dine or have afternoon tea.

We ordered the Thai Noodle Salad with beef and Spicy Indonesian Peanut Noodles with shrimp. I don’t have any pictures, because we ate it so fast! haha!

We sipped our tea and enjoyed the beautiful architecture of the teahouse.

Here is the link to their website, if you’d like to learn more about the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse!

St. Mary’s Glacier

The next day we drove about an hour and a half from Thornton to St. Mary’s Glacier in located in the Arapaho National Forest near Idaho Spring, CO.

Hannah and I were extremely undressed for the occasion- the glacier is a semi-permanent snowfield and we came dressed in tanks and leggings!

Luckily, a fellow hiker lent me an extra jacket she had in car or I wouldn’t have made it on this 1.5 mile long hike to the gorgeous lake and glacier. My sister happened to have a windbreak, but we know for next time to dress warmer.

She even waited at her car until we were at the car so I wouldn’t freeze! People are so nice there!

These leggings from Roolee were the best investment in clothing I made all summer! I have literally worn them so much since buying them. I am obsessed!

I totally recommend this short hike with stunning views to the lake and glacier for moderate hikers to beat the summer heat! But remember a jacket!

After leaving the glacier, we headed to the famous Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater for a brief tour before it started raining.

We walked through the halls surrounded with pictures of famous past performers and gazed at the giant red sandstones.

Can you believe these rocks?!


After our hike and tour on Friday morning, we returned to Hannah’s apartment after grabbing sushi for lunch and napped. We relaxed until about 7 p.m. that evening and drove 20 minutes to Denver. We toured Union Station which is a famous train station in downtown filled with amazing restaurants!

Union Station in Downtown Denver

After walking around, we were feeling tacos and headed to Machete Tacos + Tequila which was absolutely amazing. We ended our second day after walking around downtown and having a couple drinks at Tap Fourteen Beer Garden– a rooftop patio bar with amazing views of the city!

Garden of the Gods

On Saturday morning, my sister and I headed once again to the Denver Airport to pick up two of her friends from her former job in Baton Rouge and headed to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO for an amazing hike through breathtaking sandstone rock formations.

Here is my Pirouge & Co shirt!

We toured the park on foot, but visitors are welcome to take a guided horseback tour throughout the park! The park is also pet-friendly so we met several new furry friends on our hike throughout the day!

After our hike, we had worked up big appetites and headed to downtown Colorado Springs for a delicious lunch at Black Bear Diner of good ole fashioned American burgers and fries!

When we returned to the apartment, we relaxed from our long day and ordered take-out Thai. We had an amazing relaxing evening watching Wedding Crashers.

The next morning I had to catch my flight so I said good-bye to my sister and her friends and headed home to my son and baby! It was such a good trip, but I missed them terribly!

Beach Trip with the Babe

If you are as much as a summer girl as I am, of course, you had to make your way to the beach some time over the last couple of months! Izzy and I sure did! My parents actually live right outside of Navarre Beach, Florida, so we drove about 4 and a half hours from our home for a little beach getaway!

And boy, can I tell you… we had the BEST time! Izzy absolutely loved getting to visit with the grandparents for this July beach trip. Can you say water baby!?

Izzy literally wanted to stay in the ocean the whole time we were at the beach. He wasn’t a big fan of the sand, but every time we went to get out of the water, he dragged us back in!

My parents definitely enjoyed our little visit – I hadn’t seen my dad laugh this hard in my entire life. After our first day at the beach, we went to eat at the Shrimp Basket and while we were there, Izzy got a hold of some ranch and literally went to town.

I had never seen this boy eat this way; he was guzzling down ranch! Then after, they brought out my shrimp boil entree which had corn.. And if you don’t follow me on social media, then you don’t know how much this boy looooooves corn. I swear it was like sitting next to a baby vampire!

He attacked this corn, y’all! My dad started actually crying at the dinner table from how hard he was laughing at my little toddler. Honestly, it was hilarious!

After two days at the beach with GG and Papa, we headed back home so I could return to work that Monday!

Vacation turned Evacuation

Christian returned home from a month of training in late July from the U.S. Army. We had missed daddy so much and were so ready for our family clamping trip we had planned with his parents – Honey and Papa (Izzy’s name for them of course!) We planned to head to Biloxi, MS, for a few days and stay in their huge RV camper for some glamping (a.k.a. fabulous camping).

Well…unfortunately, Hurricane Barry decided to make an appearance in the Gulf of Mexico and head straight for Louisiana to make landfall. This tropical depression quickly escalated to a category 1 Hurricane, ruining our clamping trip!

However, I still utilized this time off of work to relax and enjoy some quality family time! I even still used my vacation travel carry-on bag from Chester Travels when we headed to the grandparents’ safe haven!

I am literally obsessed with the Minima Carry-on Spinner Suitcase from Chester Travels– the design and color of this luggage bag is stunning. I am such a blue girl- but there are other several other color choices available like pink, grey, mauve, and black!

Not only is the outside beautiful, there is a lock-code to protect your valuables! When you open up to the inside, there are so many amazing zipper compartments. I was able to pack all of my and Izzy’s clothing plus my hair straightener, charger, and shoes in a carry-on! Crazy, right?

What I loved the most is that these compartments allowed me to separate each item in my suitcase into categories – clothes and shoes, electronics, makeup and toiletries! I don’t know how Chester Travels was able to make so much room in a carry-on, but I had everything that Izzy and I needed – and some.. are you also guilty of being an overpacked?!

This suitcase also doubles as a fun toy for your toddler to push around and ride when you are not traveling! Tehehe!

I am bringing this bag on our next trip when we fly to Austin, Texas, at the end of September! I cannot wait to show off my suitcase to all the other travelers!

You can save 10% on your very own Chester Travels suitcase by using my code: 10AF!

You are not going to want to miss out on this amazing deal- click HERE to shop Chester Travels!

or head to my Instagram @Sarah_mozingo and shop this suitcase through the link in my bio!

Where will Chester take you?

Evacuation Packing Tips

Beyond having an amazing travel bag when you evacuate, you should probably pack a little extra when evacuating for a storm. We can never truly know whether or not a storm will be as bad as the newscasters are telling us – so it’s better to be safe then sorry! You and your family may be unable to return home depending on how much damage is inflicted in your area!

You definitely do not want to be rewearing the same few pairs of underwear for a month!

I also suggest that you make sure to pack your family’s most important documents (including your pets). I keep all of my family’s shot records, social security cards, birth certificates, in a black file folder. You purchase your own at Walmart or Target!

If a natural or man-made disaster happened tomorrow and you had to evacuate your home, would you know the appropriate items to bring with you? Make sure you're prepared with this Emergency Packing Checklist.
Evacuation Checklist | Image

If there is an optional evacuation and your family plans to stay- make sure you have lots of snacks, non-perishable food, and bottled water!

Lastly, have a good plan for where you are staying and have a plan B and C in case things go awry! I hope everyone is safe during storm season!

Thanks so much for reading!

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