Distractions and Your New Year Goals

It’s a new year! Everyone has started pursuing their new year resolutions. Maybe it’s to go to the gym more? To grow spiritually by spending more time reading the Bible or in prayer? To save more money? Spend more time with the kids? Actively improve your marriage? Whatever your 2019 goals may be, remember that you are the only person who can push yourself to accomplish these goals.

It’s important with our goals, plans, and dreams to be intentional in seeing them come to fruition. We have to be the ones to set aside time in our busy lives to actively achieve each goal we set for ourselves in 2019. We start out the new year saying “Yes, I will do all these great things!” But what happens? Our kids get sick. You get sick! Work gets hectic. You don’t get enough sleep and are too tired to go to the gym on Tuesday. So you skip. You’ll go tomorrow. Then you don’t go tomorrow.

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And slowly… gradually.. that momentum to achieve everything you write down for your 2019 goals dies. Then you look back at the year on December 31st and ask what happened?

Life is so busy. Christian and I work full time jobs, serve in our church, try to stay healthy by exercising and eating balanced diets, grow our marriage, and make sure we are the best parents possible to our son. And on top of all these commitments, we have desires and goals that we’ve set for the new year! When I lay it out like that, it seems hysterical and almost delusional to think that we will have the time to go on a date night every other week, save more money, lead a small group, and achieve our own personal goals.

I’m sure everyone can relate. We end up not “having the time.” A pastor once told me we make time for what we want to make time for. This is so true. We choose how we spend our days and what we do each day. The distractions of life may be road blocks, but we have to intentionally stay on the path and pursue what we set forth to accomplish.

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I hope that this will inspire you to be intentional with your goals. Whatever they may be. Don’t let the distractions of life prohibit your growth. Maybe you need to make time to give yourself pep talks during the day about achieving these goals? Or listen to motivational videos or inspiring stories about people who have smashed their goals!

You can do the same thing! Smash your 2019 goals and do not let the distractions of life stop you!

Here are some of our family’s goals for 2019:

  1. Be more involved at church.
  2. Do a couples encounter/ marriage retreat.
  3. Date nights every other week.
  4. Read a book on marriage.
  5. Work loving and respecting each other.
  6. Reading more to Izzy.
  7. Family vacations.
  8. Planning holidays and events in advanced.

Here are my personal 2019 goals!

  1. Growing in my faith and being more immediately obedient to the Holy Spirit.
  2. Hearing God’s voice more clearly.
  3. Being in the Word more.
  4. Loving my husband more deeply and learning to better respect him.
  5. Posting more regularly on the blog (2x’s a week is the goal!).
  6. Reaching more people for God and helping achieve joy, love, and change.
  7. Gratitude.
  8. Building a better routine for myself and my family.

What are your new year goals?

Share them with me below in the comments!

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