2019: The Year of Clarity

As believers, we are constantly growing and maturing in our relationship with Christ. There may be some things that God wants to foster or improve in you this upcoming year. It may be immediate obedience like how God tested Abraham when He asked him to sacrifice his son, Isaac, as a burnt offering. Abraham woke up early the next morning and journeyed to the top of the mountain in Moriah to offer up his only son (Genesis 22). Luckily, God ended up providing a lamb instead, but God wanted to see if Abraham would be obedient to the Lord’s commands.

The story of the sacrifice of Isaac is also a story of trust. For me, 2018 was the year of trust. Just as Abraham had to trust God and be obedient when He asked Abraham to do something or give up something he did not want to, God calls His children to do the same. This past year I learned to trust God more. I learned to stop trying to control and do things in my own power. But rather wait on His timing and promises instead. I would also like to point out that sometimes receiving God’s blessings and maturing in your faith may cost you something.

In 2018, so many miracles and blessings happened in my and my family’s lives from trusting God. God blessed us with our son. He restored my family this past year after Christian and I split up at the end of April. God healed my mother from her battle with mental illness over the summer. The Lord blessed Christian and me with new jobs in our careers in the fall. Finally, if you remember reading “This is Your House!” God blessed us with our first home this past December! But these blessings and promises came at a price. I had to surrender my will to God’s and trust He had a plan. Just like Abraham did.

I recently began asking God what my word of the year would be. I needed to know what God plans for me to grow in 2019. He answered, “Clarity.”

Clarity means the quality of being easy to see or hear, the quality of transparency or purity, and the quality of coherence and intelligibility.

Clarity. I’ve been pondering this word for the past month. Why has this word that means to hear or see something easily become so difficult for me to understand right now?

For the past few months, I have not been 100% sure about what my or my family’s future holds. I’ve been struggling with wanting to go back to school to finish a Ph.D. in Clinical psychology, becoming a licensed counselor, or training to be a school counselor. In the midst of all of this, I have had a strong desire to stay at home with my son until he can go to school. I wish I had more time with him. I really love making a home, which is crazy because I never thought of myself as that type of woman. I never was until I had Izzy.

So needless to say, I’ve been a bit confused about what my life plan/career path will look like in the next few years. I love my job now, and it has wonderful benefits and great opportunities for education. But I would like to have a more of a clinical career and help patients with mental health and wellness. Beyond just my job, Christian graduates in May with a degree in Criminal Justice and will be getting commissioned as an officer through the Army National Guard. For several months, he will be off in training and it will be just me and Izzy.

We’ve been apart before for military trainings when we were just dating and when I was pregnant. However, this will be the first time since Israel was born. So yes, I am a little confused and a little anxious about 2019. I will choose to trust God like I learned to last year. I will really press into this new season and believe I will better hear God’s voice and obey what He wants me to do like Abraham. I believe this is why God had me learn to trust Him last year. So I can obey and more clearly hear His plans for my and my family’s future.

“For I know the plans I have for you’ declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans give you a hope and future.

Jeremiah 29:11

In 2019, this declaration will be more clarified for me! To start off this year, our church is doing 21 days of fasting and prayer starting January 7th. I’ve fasted soda or social media before for extended periods of time, but Christian and I have decided to do a 21-day Daniel’s fast. A Daniel’s fast is just fruits and veggies plus water. We are excited but really nervous about it. We will be believing for clarity and breakthrough this year. I will be sharing our testimony after the fast and posting what we ate after January 27th.

We are praying for your 2019 to be extraordinary!

Thank you for reading!

What word is God giving you this year?

Share with me in the comments!

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